Song Of The Week: Romance On A Rocketship - 'The Way She Movin' (Blows My Mind)'

I used to rag  on the scene kids like hell back around 2008, but when I look back on the music I used to listen to, I guess I had the music taste of a scene kid... except crunkcore, the majority of that was absolute bullshit. Nowadays I have grown out of most of that scene kid electro MySpace friendly laptop stuff (delete as appropriate) either because I realised that particular artists' music was kind of lame or they changed their style to something lame, but I still listen to a few artists, this guy called Romance On A Rocketship being one of them. The music he makes is just so catchy, and 'The Way She Movin' (Blows My Mind)' is the latest hit of his that I can't stop listening to. 

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