Song Of The Week: Flo Rida - 'Let It Roll'

Now I know that Alt:Mag tends to operate on the 'non-mainstream' side of things, but we sure know a good tune when we hear one. In fact, I listen to plenty of mainstream and chart music. Always be proud of what you love, no matter how obscure or unpopular your favourite hobby or interest may be, but never be afraid to keep your horizons broad and try not to dismiss music just because of how popular it is or because you prefer something else. I made this mistake a few years back and missed out some really great tunes. 

Anyway, it's my turn to do a song of the week methinks and this week I have chosen 'Let It Roll' by Flo Rida, and this tune definitely took me by surprise as, although I find his tunes catchy and what not, I tend to dismiss them as nothing special, but Let It Roll is something special. The production and brilliant use of a sample of Freddie King's song 'Let The Good Times Roll' (and even Flo Rida's rapping/singing) can easily get anyone ready for the summer, even if the weather in old Blighty sucks big time. But what makes this song even better is that the music video contains every nerd's favourite Neo Geo MVS fan, Keith Apicary (played by Nathan Barnatt) strutting his stuff and looking like a champ. 

When I first heard the song I thought it was pretty tight and I thought fellow Alt:Magger Sam would also like it as he is a drunkard who likes to party and would therefore love the lyrics, so I was about to send him the video when I realised Keith was in the video and Sam also happens to be a Keith fan so we were like 'yeaaaaaah buddy' and that was that. Because this video is so awesome, I guess you could count this post as the song and YouTube video of the week!

Loving the Pac-Man walkman buddy.

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