Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Game Review)

Now you see me ... Now you don't! Now you see me ... Now you're Dead!

Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a game that allows you to play as a character who can turn Invisible at will and stay Invisible! This provides us with a rare change from games where Invisibility can be used but with a time limit (for example, Crysis 2), but in this you can remain invisible as long as you remain in the crouch or crawl positions and don't fire (if only you could be invisible while walking, but then again, the way invisibility is handled in this game already adds more depth to the sneakiness of infiltration).

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier puts you in the shoes of Team Predator, a US Ghost Team made up of four members who have to disrupt weapons trafficking in Nicaragua, only for them to be ambushed and killed by a truck carrying a hidden bomb! Now another Ghost Team called Team Hunter have been ordered to discover who was behind this and to of course avenge the deaths of their fallen comrades. You play as Staff Sergeant John Kozak, who is joined by Ghost Leader Captain Cedric Ferguson, Master Sergeant Robert "Pepper" Bonifacio and Sergeant First Class Jimmy "30K" Ellison. Together you infiltrate enemy bases and HQs and elimate people one-by-one in your quest to solve the mystery behind the surprise bomb attack!

The gameplay takes a twist from viewing in third person to aiming (through the scope) in first person, which reminds me of Gears of War. You can order your team to target three other enemies which helps you to move your way through each level quicker compared to similar levels in other games, as well as take people out quietly or focus fire on a specific target. I loved this idea in particular about the game and also I love the idea of the Invisibility concept. When I first saw it in 2010 trailer shown at E3 I felt like my mind had been blown (laughs)! This innovative approach to cover-based shooting makes Ghost Recon: Future Soldier stand out from other third person shooters.
The game places all sorts of different information all over the screen, which reminds me of Iron Man, where Tony sees everything in his helmet. 
You get to control Ground and Air Drones like UAVs to hover through the air, or crawl (or drive) to spy on and target specific enemies from a distance so your team members can move closer to and then take them out.

They game features advanced equipment, for example, sensor grenades and the ability to shoot synchronize shots! One other thing the game features is to include the ability to use the Kinect, which allows you to modify your guns using some pretty interesting motion controls. You use your hands to split the gun apart and add, modify or replace each component before testing it out on a firing range, all through the use of waving your arms and using your hands! I was thinking that if the game was going to be played through Kinect, then it would be hard to use, like Star Wars Kinect, but using it for the gunsmith part was much easier in comparison, since it involved several arm movements instead of having to use your whole body. It is a pretty awesome feeling to be able to use your arms to fire, disasemble and rotate a gun around. I am actually hoping that more games use this method for gun customisation, it is a feeling of pure awesomeness!

Overall, this game was definitely worth the wait! I definitely recommend the game to all you fans of shooter games. Compared to other Tom Clancy games like H.A.W.X and the other four Ghost Recon games, this one is really something special. Definitely check it out if you have an Xbox 360 (for Kinect features) or a PlayStation 3!

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