Pop Punk: The Reunion!

So the new American Pie movie American Reunion has been released and has done its rounds in the cinemas. Of course the same old cheerless movie critics had something negative to say, but they must be missing something because me and Josh went to see it and we couldn't stop laughing. For anyone who watched the original American Pie trilogy, this one will bring back many memories from when you were younger and is the same barrel of toilet humour driven laughs as it always has been. I suggest you go to see it if you are a fan of the original trilogy, or even the whole franchise (Yeah I enjoyed Band Camp a lot, so what?).

However, this post is not about the movie itself, but something else. While watching the movie I noticed how many classic pop punk songs were played in the soundtrack. I remember at one point they played Lit's My Own Worst Enemy and I swear I was just about to start rocking out where I sat, but then I remembered where I was. However there was something missing from the whole equation. A blink-182 song. They had a song in the first three American Pie movies, so why not continue the tradition with the addition of a blink song in American Reunion? They even have a new album of songs to pick from.

Anyway, this got me thinking. To me, the American Pie franchise and pop punk share a very distinct tie, and since we are talking about Reunions and how the original cast of American Pie have reunited, how about we talk about some of the fantastic pop punk bands who were popular around the time of the first three American Pie movies, who have reunited as well! I will also be posting a great song beneath each artist!


Well, this one goes without saying. In 2009 we saw one of the most influential pop punk bands of all time reunite. See, New Found Glory were right when they told us that 'pop punk will never die'! 
Perhaps all the other pop punk bands lost hope in their genre when the forerunners disbanded, but shortly after they reunited, many of these other bands reunited too! It seemed like this reunion was a special thing for everyone.
I can't remember what my reaction was to the reunion, but it was probably some sort of dance mixed with loud cheers of happiness. We had to wait two more years for more material, though. Eventually they released a new album, Neighborhoods, which after a few listens, is a real grower. Go check it out, if you haven't already!

The Starting Line

These guys were always a joy to listen to. They seemed to be bigger romantics than the other pop punk bands, who mainly focused on break-ups and the like. It was a mighty shame when they went on hiatus in 2008. But there was always hope of a reunion and it came in 2009, although people thought was just a reunion so the band could tour again, but at Slam Dunk festival last year, they confirmed they were writing new material. I would've been there to witness it too, if it wasn't for the fact I had no one to go with!


Mest never held a big place in my heart, but I did have a few songs that I liked, and those I like a lot. They were one of those punk bands who seemed to be influenced a little by hip hop, similar to Transplants, 25 Ta Life and Good Charlotte. They broke up in 2006 and then I remember hearing something about the lead singer stabbing some bloke in self-defence. They released a pretty rocking single called Almost and had plans for a new album in April, but it has been delayed due to mixing and mastering.


If you know about Drive-Thru Records and their 'glory days', then you will know about Allister. They weren't anything game-changing, but they still rocked everyone's socks off with some awesome pop punk jams. They never really broke-up, instead went on a 'hiatus' (a word used frequently by these bands) before coming back together in 2010. Since their reunion they released their first album in five years, titled Countdown to Nowhere, an album I really need to give a longer listen to, but from what I've heard, Allister sound as good as always, which is great, as it sucks when bands come back after many years and sound totally different.

Autopilot Off

This was a band that I've always wanted to reunite, but I never had faith that they would. They split up in 2005 after only releasing two albums, one of them being a major label album. Their sound was a rather dark one, with their major label debut Make A Sound, which featured some pretty complex lyrics, but still featured plenty of those catchy punk hooks. 
They made a sneaky return to the game in 2011 and have confirmed that they are working on a new album. Let's hope they sound as good as they used to be!

 The Early November

Yet another great Drive-Thru band (see The Starting Line and Allister) The Early November reunited in 2011 and are perhaps more emo than they are pop punk. Headed by the musical genius that is Ace Enders, The Early November loved to sing depressing songs that made you feel happy. Makes sense? Nope, but check out their new album Currents coming out next month!

Further Seems Forever

Ah, Further Seems Forever. I forget how much I love this band. They're a bit of an odd chestnut really, having released three great albums, all featuring a new vocalist each time. They can't really hang on to vocalists too well it seems. They started off with Chris Carrabba (think Dashboard Confessional), moved on to Jason Gleason, who was then replaced with my personal favourite, Jon Bunch (who once supplied killer vocals to the band Sense Field). They reunited in 2010 with original vocalist Chris Carrabba and have plans for a new album. It's nice to see them back together, but if I am honest, I would have preferred to hear some Jon Bunch on vocals again! Check out their quasi-greatest hits record Hope This Finds You Well, you probably won't regret it.

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