Underrated Games: The World Is Not Enough (PlayStation)

So you are probably asking: "with classics like Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64, why would anyone need to play this piece of shit?!?". This game is something I used to play round my Grandparent's house when I was younger with my cousins and we all took turns playing it. I am a huge James Bond Fan and this one brings back the most memories. The World Is Not Enough, despite receiving no attention whatsoever, is actually a really good single player game (no splitscreen here, unfortunately) and it gets better every time I play it. The thing I like the most is the missions. Many of them are based on scenarios from The World Is Not Enough, but there are a few that have been created to make the game more interesting. The made up ones happen to be my favourite, such as the ridiculously hard Night Watch mission (is the title a reference to the same TV show Pierce Brosnan starred in?), which is the predecessor to all the other stealth missions on later James Bond outings such as Agent Under Fire and Nightfire. Basically, you can't shoot any of the guards, you can only knock them out with tranquilliser darts but if they see you up to no good and you can't tranquillise them fast enough, they will raise the alarms and you will fail the mission. Later I found out that if you punch them it kills them without you failing the mission. But I think maybe the developers left that in by mistake. But the thing I love the most about Night Watch is the music. That intense music that matches the feeling you get when a guard spots you and makes you almost shit your pants because you might not get to him before he raises the alarms. This piece of music is hands down one of my favourite in a game ever, and it is up there with the Time Crisis theme and like that theme, this song creates a fantastic sense of tension and urgency (fear of getting caught!). It was cool to see this track remixed in later Bond games.

Another good mission is Flashpoint, a mission where you have to free hostages from terrorists. Damn, I'd take this hostage rescue mission over anything that Call Of Duty could throw at me. The good thing about this game is the way the different choices of weapons are spread over the levels, so if you play Flashpoint more than once you start to come up with new and exciting ways to save the hostages using different weapons.
The voice actors are decent. The dude who does James Bond's voice sounds exactly like Pierce Brosnan and for a long time I actually believed Pierce (who is the best Bond in my opinion) actually lent his talents to this game. Also, the game does a pretty awesome job of recreating a lot of the epic moments of the movies, such as (see below) the bit where Elektra King tells bond "you can't shoot me, you see, you'll miss me" and so Bond pounds here with lead and tells her non-moving body "I never miss". What a lad. 

This one is a bit obscure these days, but I still love it nonetheless. There is also a version on the Nintendo 64, but it a whole lot different. Due to the fact that this game is on the PlayStation you can pick it up for next to nothing on eBay. There is also a version (the one I own) you can buy which comes with the Tommorow Never Dies game (which wasn't that great in comparison, but hey, it's worth it for an absolutely non-existent price) in a 2 disc set. Also, pick up the movies for both films too (they are ace, bro) and get ready for Skyfall, hitting cinemas October of this year! James Bond movies are forever!

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