Marvel Comics App (Review)

What’s up my fellow internet nerds? Long time no speak! Well, there’s a reason for that and it's because I’ve been overdosing on the whole Marvel scene.

First we have the new line of cartoons which includes the second season of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Ultimate Spider-Man, as well as DC Comic’s Young justice (season one and season two) which has just kicked off. Then the film Avengers Assemble, which looked absolutely gorgeous in terms of special effects and was pretty awesome in regards to character development but somehow lacked the Marvel flare when it comes to narrative. I was expecting better but it was still okay (check out Josh's review here for an alternative view). Then to my amazement (and this is where it starts to get interesting) I quickly became addicted to watching and reading the Marvel cartoons and comics. At the moment I am doing this more than watching anime and reading manga (I have betrayed the cause!!!).

Reading the Civil War comics are similar to getting high then getting laid afterwards. That’s how good it is... especially when Iron Man is kicking the crap out of Steve Rodgers (if you don’t know who that is, go and watch Avengers Assemble). So after reading those comics, my insatiable desire to read more tried to get the better of me, which sucks, because to get to a comic book shop I'd have to travel a long way. So I played around on my shitty iPad and I discovered something pretty amazing. There exists a Marvel Comics App! And let's just say that in all my visits to the App store I have personally never come across a better app. 

The features of the app include:
  • Instant searching for any and all currently available marvel comics.
  • A list of new and up coming comics straight from the publishers themselves.
  • Easy access and readability (you don’t have to worry about which direction to read the comic as it will automatically guide you though it, you only need to know how to speak English).
  • It’s relatively cheap to buy the comics as a complete series and not have to destroy the environment. This one is for all you tree-hugging hippies out there. You know we love you!).

There isn’t a downside to this app at all really, except I suppose there isn’t a universal app for all comics regardless of the publisher because that would mean that I could read Ghost In The Shell and Marvel comics on the same app! But I’m sure that Dark Horse comics have an app of their own. Having an app that impulses me to buy more books and comics might not get on too well with my bank statement, if you know what I mean...

If you are interested in using this app, you can purchase it using the links below! 

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