Haydn's Musings: I'll Be Your Mirror London 2012

Not this Sunday, or next Sunday, or even the Sunday after that, but the Sunday after that one, I will be attending All Tommorow's Parties 'I'll be your mirror' event, which is curated by Mogwai, and headlined by a reformed Afghan Whigs (info here). This is a gig that I didn't really think I'd be at all excited about, seeing as I originally booked the tickets because Guided By Voices were headlining, but GBV being GBV, decided to cancel at the very last minute, leaving me and many other Guided By Voices fanatics disappointed that we can't see our hero's play their first gig in the UK since 2003, I almost considered selling my ticket. But then I heard the incredibly beautiful tune below.

It's safe to say that my excitement levels are literally going through the roof. The Afghan Whigs are one of those few bands that I love more and more with every listen. I will be giving a full review of the bands that I see that day, and will hopefully have some pictures to share to you as well!

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