Mirror Mirror (Movie Review)

Mirror Mirror is an example of a film that I would never have expected to enjoy. I find that with a lot with films. You think "nah mate, this isn't my thing" and then you come out of the cinema thinking "that was actually pretty good". What's even funny is when you see a film you expected to like a lot and you find out that the one that you were unsure about in the beginning was actually better.

Mirror Mirror is basically a retelling of the old Snow White story. They've made it less child-orientated and a little more for the older audiences, although its not rude or anything. They've also added in some humour, although it's not laugh out loud humour, but still doesn't fail to put a smile on your face. I'd say it is definitely a feel good film. The film is so cliché in places, but I think it realises this, and uses this in a humorous way. Nice one.

If you are human, you should already know the deal with Snow White. Snow White's father, the King, goes missing and her evil Stepmother who also happens to be the Queen takes over the role of ruling the Kingdom. However the Queen is evil and makes the people of her Kingdom pay tonnes of taxes so she can throw elaborate parties. Kind of like David Cameron if you think about it. The Queen is played by Julia Roberts, who does a good job of giving her character that nasty, yet kind of charming personality.

Then there is Snow White, who is played by British actress Lily Collins, who is a babe (just saying). She is good as Snow White because she can pull off the whole 'I am a really good person but I'm not annoying about it' thing. I think she does a good job at playing Snow White, as she is very softly spoken, which is exactly what I would imagine her character to be like. Also, she is a babe, did I mention that already?

The seven dwarves were really great in this version of Snow White. They were a barrel of laughs and their interactions as a group are really effective. Although my only gripe was that I couldn't remember all of their names (they've been changed yet again), so I started to remember some of them by their traits, but then I couldn't even figure out some of their traits as they weren't shown enough to really sink in. But then again, in the original story by Brothers Grimm, apparently they didn't actually have names.

The prince, played by Armie Hammer (who was apparently in The Social Network, but I can't remember) is your average, run-of-the-mill prince. However, that is the way a prince needs to be, as he doesn't take attention from the stars of the film, being Snow White, the Queen and the Seven Dwarves. He does play a bit of a funny part though, so good for him. 

The King is played by Sean Bean. He's not in it much, but he plays a good king. Although when he gives his heart-warming speech at the end I was expecting him to fly off the handle and start saying stuff like "by the way... I did think of asking you to join my little scheme" or talking about Emperor Septim or something.
The costume designer was on point in this one, as I never really care for costumes in movies, but all the costumes that the characters wear stand out and are colourful but not the sort of colourful that's garish and horrible-looking, especially the dresses Snow White wears, one of them remind me of Ayame from Power Stone 2 when you change the colour of her Kimono to blue. Another thing that reminded me of Power Stone 2 (yeh, I know that the people who made this film have probably never held a Dreamcast controller) was the cool wooden mannequins that attack the Dwarves and Snow White. They reminded me of those annoying enemies you have to fight on the final boss level.

Probably one of the things I did not like was that instead of talking to a reflection in a mirror (you know, 'mirror mirror on the wall' and all that guff), the Queen says those key words, and then walks into the mirror, revealing a weird house on the water (it looks like Pacifidlog Town from Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire) that she goes in to talk to her reflection. Seems a little bit inconvenient to me, why can't she just talk to the mirror? Isn't that how it was originally? What's with the weird house? It makes no sense.

In conclusion, Mirror Mirror is a decent film, and everyone should see it at least once. Watch it with your girlfriend/boyfriend, if you have one. It is a very unisex film indeed. Have fun!

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