Alt:Mag Playlist: Optimistic Music for a Sunny Day

YES. After months of cold weather and dullness in general, today the UK got some nice sunshine. The temperature was not to cold but not blistering hot either, it was just right. And it is a huge shame that it is going to get colder again (sad face). I always find (and I'm sure you can relate to this) that when the sun is shining, a wave of optimism comes over me, and as optimism is an emotion, there is always a tonne of music that can match it. So I put together a playlist of 'Optimistic Music for a Sunny Day' that you can download and listen to on Spotify. The song is filled with a variety of different genres, from rock to hip hop and electronic to pop. Each song, whether it be the lyrics of the song or the way the instrumentation sounds, give off that optimistic feeling of summer.


1. blink-182 - Feeling This
2. Transplants - California Babylon
3. Fun. - Walking The Dog
4. Baths - Indoorsy
5. Hellogoodbye - All Time Lows
6. Owl City - The Yacht Club
7. Unicorn Kid - Boys of Paradise
8. The Secret Handshake - Summer of '98

9. Twista (featuring Anthony Hamilton) - Sunshine
10. Nas - The World Is Yours
11. Fatlip - What's Up Fatlip?
12. Gorillaz - 19-200 (Soulchild Remix)
13. Martin Solveig & Dragonette (featuring Idoling!!!) - Big In Japan
14. Van Halen - Jump
15. Common (featuring Kanye West) - The Food (Live)
16. J Dilla (featuring Common & D'Angelo) - So Far To Go
17. Afroman - Because I Got High

Bonus Songs:
18. Sunchase (featuring Yana Kay) - Remember Me

19. Strike - U Sure Do

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