New Girl (First Impressions... sort of)

Okay, I realise when I, the editor of Alt:Mag, which is a mainly dude-based magazine; writes a blog post about an American sitcom called 'New Girl', you start to think I've gone dead soft. Well you knew that anyway, but in reality, New Girl isn't as girly as you may think when you get past its exterior and get to really understand what it is all about.

I never used to like American sitcoms as I seemed to have this idea in my head that they represented everything that is cliché about modern society. But after pulling my finger out and watching shows like Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory (which is now one of my favourites TV series) I have taken a liking to some American sitcoms. Sure, some still fail to even get a smirk out of me (Scrubs being one of them) but now I am older I have a very open mind when it comes to trying out new things.

So when iTunes pops out the pilot of New Girl into the TV Programmes section of my iTunes library for (get this) free, I give it a try. I really enjoyed the first episode and next thing I know, I've enjoyed all the following episodes that were available for me to watch on 4oD. Basically, the gist of New Girl is that the incredibly dorky Jess (played by Zooey Deschanel) leaves her cheating 'champagne socialist' of a boyfriend and tries to find herself an apartment. She ends up (by accident) getting let into an apartment made up of three guys who are looking for a new dude (or in this case, girl) to rent a room to. They accept her into their living space, mainly because she mentioned that she has friends who are fashion models. Having just been through a breakup, Jess spends her days 'watching Dirty Dancing like six or seven times' and crying her eyes out. The Dirty Dancing reference is probably something only a girl would understand, but next the dudes come in and 'unisex' it all with their toilet humour and thoughts on the opposite sex that only boys would understand. This leads me to believe that New Girl would probably be the perfect show for couples to watch together. I have not tested it myself, because of certain reasons (ahem) so one of you lucky readers can test my statement out and get back to me, k?

Jess, as a character, is really quirky or as the promotional posters read 'simply adorkable' (As awful as that one was, I'm going to let it slide, cause it is kind of true). A lot of the bro's say to me how attractive they find Zooey Deschanel, but really it's all about her character Jess with her bubbly personality. Also it is because she invented a new use for the word 'twirly' that is frankly hilarious. Great acting on Zooey's part, for creating a character that I can actually love. On a side note, she also played a very hateable character in the movie (500) Days of Summer.
But it isn't just Jess who is memorable, the other characters are just as memorable! You've got the rather hostile soul that is Nick being the member of the apartment who literally is no fun and hates everything. Then there is the incredibly competitive Winston (who replaced the Pilot episode's rather missed character Coach) and finally, probably the funniest out of the three guys, Schmidt, who believes that he is a true ladies' man, but always fails miserably. Poor Schmidt. Think The Inbetweeners' Jay but without the constant lies. But it isn't just about individuals, because each character brings something to the funny table in New Girl and their interactions and relationships with one another are what make this show so likeable.
Perhaps I am thinking a little too deeply into this, but I have really enjoyed this show so far, and now I know about it, I am going to be watching on the television every week. A lot of people who I've mentioned New Girl to seem to be all like "OH MAN IT LOOKZ LIKE TIPIKUL MAYNSTREEM SHIT" but give it a chance guys, because I reckon you'll really start to like it. Also, the theme song is ridiculously catchy and you can even buy it on iTunes.

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