Doing The Old Switcheroo

Hello everybody, due to certain happenings, such as exams, I haven't been able to work on the actual Alt:Mag issue 1 as much as I'd like to. At the moment, putting together the magazine is a one man job and is moving slowly. The problem with the magazine moving so slowly is that if I try and write about something brand new, a month later no one would want to read about it anymore, as it loses relevance. I would like everybody to see what I have been working on, but I feel like I can't let people see it unless it is completely finished. I started working on this magazine last summer and it hasn't moved much since then as I have had so much other stuff to do and have focused a lot of my attention on the blog. Half of the team is currently inactive and I am hoping to get them motivated again, but I know they are just as busy as I am in regards to other things. I realise I need to include some of the active members more in the making of the magazine, as I know they can really help me out. Don't worry, I am not giving up on Alt:Mag as this magazine is really important to me and is just way too awesome to be forgotten, I feel we've really got something really special going with Alt:Mag.
Anyway, yesterday I looked at some of the finished articles and improved them, and added new things. Personally, I think they look amazing considering I am not a genius at editing magazines. That is definitely a start on the road to getting issue 1 finished.

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