Deuce - America

With the release of his single 'Let's Get It Crackin'', Deuce proved to everyone that he didn't need a band (he used to provide vocals for Hollywood Undead, in case you didn't know) to make a bloody awesome song. He has kept this trend alive with his latest track, 'America'. The new song follows a different vibe to his last one, being a political track about, well, America. Deuce's songs always seem to grab you with catchy vocals, instrumentals and impressive lyrics... the song has a cool zombie-themed video too! The song is already getting some play on some big American radio stations thanks to the help of the fans, so lets look forward to big things from this song.
Of course the song's release wasn't without its criticism, with a lot of Hollywood Undead fans thinking that it was absolutely necessary to take sides likes some sort of war or beef. I think we should all just enjoy Deuce and Hollywood Undead without any silly comparisons... it's for the best.

So when they point the finger, we'll flip ours back, and say fuck that."
...Too good!

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