Chronicle (Movie Review)

3 Guys + Cool Power = Awesome.

Chronicle is one of the best movies I have ever seen this year so far. The movie may be different to your typical superpower movie, mixing aspects of high school life and experimental camera techniques into its recipe, but it is still a great movie for those interested in thriller movies and ones that involve superhuman or telekinetic powers.

The gist of the plot is that Andrew, a teenager who is pretty much a social outcast buys a video camera and starts filming everything that happens in his life. He hangs around with two other guys (one is his cousin) and while at a party, they wander off to discover a mysterious hole in the middle of nowhere and let their curiosity get the better of them. The next thing you know all three of them have telekinesis and start doing Jackass-esque stunts and filming them. They even went and played jokes on innocent members of the public who were completely unaware of these powers. It was kind of interesting how the character's nose bled after they used their powers, or when serious shit was going down and it was a rather messy indication to go see to the problem at hand.

The whole fact that everything that you saw in the movie was filmed on some kind of camera involved in the storyline (sometimes the camera's switched around depending on the situation) was incredibly interesting and provides viewers with a first person perspective, almost putting them in the shoes of the characters, especially the documentary that Andrew was filming, as it documented the development of the three friend's powers from the early stages all the way up until they became unbelievably powerful. Taking this into account, this movie is kind of like what would happen if Hancock and Cloverfield were blended together.

The moral of Chronicle is basically along the lines of, if anyone was to actually receive the amazing powers like the ones the characters get, they must use them properly, for good and not for evil. I definitely recommend you see this movie while it is still in cinemas, to get the full experience, because at some points in the film you feel like you are actually there (due to the first person perspective) and I found myself getting dizzy in the right way during the action scenes.

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