Sega to revolutionise gaming with a new gaming device?!?

Ah... Sega. These dudes are responsible for too many amazing things in the world of games. They brought us the gaming power houses that were the Mega Drive, the Dreamcast and the criminally underrated Saturn. They also brought us fantastic gaming franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog, House of the Dead, NiGHTS, Space Channel 5 and one of my all-time favourites, Shenmue.

Since 2001, when the Dreamcast was sadly discontinued, Sega fan-boys have been going hoping and praying for Sega to release a new video game system. And finally... here it is.

First, let's take a look at that revolutionary new controller...



So I bet right now you are either wondering "What the fuck?!?" or "I HATE THIS GUY HE TRICKED ME"... well sorry... haha. But seriously, Sega have developed devices for pub/bar restrooms called 'Toylet' (great name, right?) and they are devices that are played by the speed and volume of the urine that men pass. This is achieved by sensors fitted in the urinals and small digital displays placed at eye level.

Five games are available for 'Toylet', such as 'Manneken Pis!' (more like Manneken Piss), where players compete on the basis of urine volume.

Another title, 'Splashing Battle!', allows the user to take on the previous visitor in a virtual fight based on stream strength.

And it just keeps on getting weirder... In 'Violent wind warning has been issued', the player tries to blow up a virtual girl's skirt with a digital wind, also dependent on the power of his flow. Now this is just getting creepy.

Apparently Sega have made a bomb out of this, in Japan anyway, because lets face it, only something like this could come out of Japan. There have been reports that this is a great method of keeping toilets clean as well. Bonus!

This is all well and good Sega, and it is in fact pretty hilarious, but before you go getting preoccupied with your toilet gaming business, there is a certain game that hasn't had its promised sequel for 11 years... it's called SHENMUE 3!!! If you have enough time to revolutionise the way men urinate in this day and age, then can surely you can do this for your most loyal of fans!

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