Let Us Console You: Treamcast

If you are an old school gaming geek, then maybe the Treamcast is something you might want to purchase for yourself. Yeah, you know... the Treamcast?

No, I have not misspelled Dreamcast, and I have certainly not gone completely insane (contrary to popular belief). The Treamcast is in fact a Chinese knock-off of the Sega Dreamcast and is probably regarded as one of the better knock-off game consoles that exists. Well except for the name. It's not exactly very imaginative and definitely makes no sense (unless, again, I have gone completely insane).

The system is portable because it is fitted with a modified PlayStation screen, which is attached to a miniaturised Dreamcast body. So if you have ever wanted to play Dreamcast in the back of the car, then this is probably what you have been looking for. It comes with a headphone jack and I also think it comes with a car charger.

It has all the Dreamcast guts inside it, so it plays GD-ROMs, your burnt CD-Rs and is completely region free, so you won't have to worry about slapping in Utopia Boot Disk every time you want to play an imported game. It also plays MP3s and VCDs through special software.

The controllers that this thing originally came with are some kind of Saturn abomination that come with a turbo button so you can win at Dead Or Alive 2 without having to move your fingers at all. Unfortunately, the D-Pad on it apparently sucks ass so I recommend avoiding this controller in general. But if you are really desperate for a Turbo button on a Dreamcast controller in general I suggest investing in one of the third-party ones like the Dream Shark. You can still use your normal Dreamcast controller pads with the Treamcast, as it still has all the necessary controller ports in fact, a lot of the time this thing does come with a real Dreamcast controller, rather than the other one that it originally came with.

Sega weren't happy about the Treamcast so they got sales on various websites stopped, but you can still find one of these things in Hong Kong or on eBay. Owning a Treamcast is not necessary really, it is just a nice thing to add to your collection if you like gaming and have too much time and money... like me. Just kidding, I don't really fancy owning one of these myself, as I have a Dreamcast already and don't really need anything to replace it. I do find the Treamcast very interesting, however.

A Treamcast going about the normal Dreamcast business.

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