Amagami SS+ (First Impressions)

The first season of Amagami SS, an anime based on a dating simulation game for the PlayStation 2, now has a sequel. I really enjoyed the first season (I never expected it to be as popular as it was) but I never thought there would be a second season, but now it is apparent there is! It is called Amagami SS+... Cool.
So I thought at first the new season would be about the main character, Junichi Tachibana, falling in love with a brand new set of girls (in alternative story lines, he isn't that much of a pimp) but apparently it is a continuation of the previous series where it continues where he left off in his previous relationships. This would be especially interesting as there is one character, Rihoko Sakurai (in the picture above, second from the left), who loved Juinchi but her arc in the previous season never saw her convey her feelings to Juinchi, so hopefully we may see this happen in Amagami SS+!!! I'd also love to see more of Ai Nanasaki's arc, as I thought her relationship with Junichi was rather special.
The first episode appears to focus around Juinchi and Tsukasa Ayatsuji. Tsukasa was the last girl to be featured in the first season, so this makes me think that perhaps the anime will bring us the arcs in the second season in a backwards fashion to the first season? Anyway, the first episode tells us that a year has progressed since the events of last season and Juinchi is now in his final year. The plot of this episode basically focuses around Tsukasa trying to become the student council representative and her battle with another female student (who is a mean bitch) who also wants the place. I won't go into what happens too much, as I don't want to give away too many spoilers, but I enjoyed the first episode. Amagami SS is just a nice series in general and I am very familiar with the characters by now so there is no worry about having to remember all the different people, their names and their roles. The first episode was a little bit of a filler episode but it is introducing the events of the next episodes to come, so I guess it is needed. I am really excited to find out what happens in regards to Juinchi and Tsukasa, as well as the other girls of Amagami SS when it is time for their dedicated arcs.

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