Movie Bonanza: Three Movies With Disabled Characters For The Price Of One!

Okay okay, I realise we have been going a little over board with the anime posts lately. Maybe it's cause we went to MCM Expo in October and came back hyped up over everything and anything Japanese. It's kind of funny, because when we first started creating the magazine and the blog we rarely included anything to do with anime, and now we've got too much (laughs)! Also, I have noticed that recently we have also gone a little under board with the amount of posts in general. Soz.

So we've all seen a lot of movies. And no doubt, a lot of them have been American. Cause let's face it, in our day and age, it is simply impossible to escape from anything from the U.S. of A. But it's all right, because America has given us it's fair share of fantastic movies over the years, as well as a slew of terrible ones as well. I've seen a lot of different types of films, my favourites being romance (Okay, I know I'm a boy, shoot me), comedy and anything that drops under the category of 'down right odd'.

Fever Pitch is a hidden gem if you love romance comedy.

However, as good as some of these movies may be, you may happen to notice after a while how a lot of the films can sometimes be a warped reality of life. The characters are all perfect looking and have perfect lives, and even when the bad shit happens, it usually finishes with a fairy tale happy ending and you can always point out someone who is having it a lot worse.

Forrest Gump, now that's a fantastic film right there.

I decided to draw a little from my knowledge and make a list of 3 random films I have seen that all contain characters who are handicapped in some way. There have been some pretty awesome disabled characters in big films, such as Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump (see the picture above!) and Professor X from X-Men. These types of films are great because they help raise awareness for those who do suffer from these disabilities. Sadly, there isn't as many of these films as there could be, because any film that motivates us to overcome any difficulty is a good film in my eyes.

Listen To Your Heart

It is kind of rare for a movie to actually have characters that I can genuinely connect and fall in love with. Listen To Your Heart was one of those movies, and is probably the most beautiful and honest film that I have ever seen.
In the film, a poor songwriter falls in love with a rich deaf girl and the majority of the film involves the guy trying to disobey her parents' disapproval of the couple's relationship. So at the end, when it seems like everything is going to go hunky dory, a unexpected turn of events turn this film into a very tragic one indeed. But I won't ruin it for you.
The actors play their roles really well, especially the actress who plays the deaf Ariana. There is something about the way her and the main dude (Danny) interact that makes for a very romantic film that even had me (a boy) getting all mushy.

The Village
Although this film doesn't get around too much and a lot of it is based in mostly just one place, obviously being a village, this film is pretty weird and awesome. I think that The Village may be a film you either love or hate. I'm not sure what the critics said, but who cares anyway because that's their opinion, and this is my opinion. It is a thriller film about a village and its people that are still living in a world that seems to be something from the 19th century. A blind girl called Ivy gets engaged to some dude she falls in love with and this freaky dude is really jelly so he attacks Ivy's Fiancé and he is dying and shit so Ivy has to go boldly where no man (or woman) has gone before and get medicine from the outside world, which no one in the Village has done before, because there are weird monsters in the woods that surround the Village and this basically means that nobody leaves. The ending is also left on a cliffhanger and we all love those.

The Quiet
This film is a tricky one to talk about. It's not bad but it's not good either. If you do see this film after reading about this, you will understand what I mean when I say that it doesn't completely 'fit in' with the disabled character theme.
The Quiet is one of those movies that could have gone somewhere really good, but didn't. Very dark and disturbing, the film focuses on a girl called Dot who is deaf and mute. Her parents have died so she has been made to stay with her godparents and their daughter. The family she stays with are a typical image of the nuclear family, except they are all a bit messed up, the mother is taking drugs and having way too many lie-ins in the morning and there is some really fucked-up shit going on between the father and his daughter. The daughter goes out to kill the father for some reason and Dot is the witness, but the daughter doesn't have to worry about her because she can't hear her anyway.

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