Things We Think Are Cool: Ashens

Hello everybody, we are sorry for the lack of updates. Unfortunately we have been very busy lately (being bachelors).

One quick thing before we introduce our new feature. Our post about Pokémon Brown (which you can find here, if you haven't read it already) was read by the creator, Koolboyman! He seemed very happy that we will also feature his other Pokémon hack, Prism in the first issue of the magazine and has offered to answer any of our questions we have about his hacks. What a nice dude! He even went as far as to link our blog on the official Pokémon Prism thread on PokéCommunity.

Anyway, this is our cool way of bringing our team together... Kind of. So without further ado, let's begin.

Lewis: Today I am joined by my main man, Sam. And today we are going to talk about our favourite Youtube Brit, Ashens (Find his channel here) and he has no choice.

Sam: Yes we certainly are. Equipped with his beloved Youtube channel, which is updated regularly, and his razor-sharp wit, Stuart Ashen has attracted a massive audience, where his videos reach around 100,000 views, with his ever popular 'POP Station' videos reach around an impressive 900,000.

Lewis: Those are some cool facts for you right there. I got into Ashens about a year or so ago when my pal (the same guy who sends me everything else that is Youtube) sent me one of Ashens' videos that had him reviewing a knock-off PSP called the 'PCP Station'. Most of Ashens' videos take place on a crusty, old, brown sofa. His channel contains a lot of other funny comedy videos as well, but it’s mainly the couch reviews that make us laugh until we can’t breathe.

Sam: And of course, Lewis got me into Ashens around the same time. I've found the familiarity of the setting (the rather mundane, dismal brown settee) quite comforting really and in all of it's mundane-ness, it just seems rather typically, and comfortably British. The tone of his videos is also often, quite chilled and I've found having his cynical voice on in the background, while doing something else is quite comforting really.

Lewis: I agree with you Sam. Although I'm not sure he aims for people to be comforted, I think his videos are great to chill out to and watch after a long week. Every time one of his videos shows up in my subscription box on the front page of Youtube, I cheer, even before I know what he is reviewing. Usually if it has the words "Poundland" or "POP Station" in the title, I cheer double. Kind of weird if you think about it, all Ashens really is is a cynical man playing with toys. But as basic as his formula is, a lot of people probably wish they did what he did first.

Sam: While it might not be his aim to comfort people, for me his rather laid-back cynicism and slow pace of the videos seem to do just that for me... but that's just my personal view on it. And I'm with you there Lewis; whenever I hear the little Poundland introduction jingle - 'DA-DA, DUH-DUH, DUH-DUH CHEAPO!!' - I cheer triple.

Lewis: Even if it isn't the Poundland exclusive jingle and it is just the normal Ashens jingle, I always love it. As simple as it is, it is just really carefree.

Sam: Jingles aside, I think the content is more important if anything. As I said before, the familiarity of the setting is quite comforting, but I find that the predictability - him about to slag off another product that looked like it fell off the back of a lorry - also helps this. The rather cutting remarks make for some good chuckling, and his ever-present cynical tone makes it all the more humorous.

Lewis: Indeed! But instead of reading what we have to say, I suggest you go check out the videos right now. I definitely recommend the reviews of the fake blackberry, the PCP station, LTPS Handy Game, Ultra-cheap action figures and that the one where he reviews wrestlers. Any others you recommend Sam?

Sam: I'd say the Hallowe'en 2011 special (with Ashens doing a bit of ghost hunting), the Poundland Food Special (with 'food' that 'looks like somebody has swallowed the contents of an ashtray and then puked them up on a large biscuit'), his girls' toys review and of course, in celebration of the Royal Wedding, his review of Royal Wedding tat!

Click on Ashens' face above to go to his channel.

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