Music Spotlight: Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack are an underrated band if ever there was one. In fact, they are so underrated it should be a criminal offence not to know who they are! Okay okay, you shouldn't get locked up just because you don't know this band. But in all seriousness, Motion City Soundtrack are definitely worth a listen if you haven't heard them already. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but this here is my (rather biased, in a positive way) post about the band.

If you are a fan of pop rock music, you will more than likely fall in love with Motion City Soundtrack on the first listen. I can't put my finger on it, but this band just has that spark of brilliance in that distinctive sound of theirs that makes them stand out from the crowd. Their synth-driven pop rock has gathered a cult following worldwide and captured the hearts of many. Right at this very moment, their Last.FM Scrobble count stands at a whopping 25,333,759 plays!

Motion City Soundtrack formed way back in 1997 and have released 4 full-length albums. I Am The Movie in 2003, Commit This To Memory in 2005, Even If It Kills Me in 2007 and My Dinosaur Life in 2010. I discovered them just before Even If It Kills Me was released, probably because Mark Hoppus (he produced two of their albums!) was a big fan of them and I love blink-182 so I thought I'd check them out. The first two songs I heard were either 'Everything Is Alright' or 'This Is For Real' (not sure in which order) and I was instantly hooked right in. A few songs later, I bought Even If It Kills Me from iTunes and they became one of my all-time favourite bands.

'Everything Is Alright': A modern day 'Basket Case'?

All of Motion City Soundtrack's music is incredible but my favourite album has to be the first one I ever heard, Even If It Kills Me. Why have I taken a liking to this album, you ask? Let's just say it is the one I connect with the most. The songs, although riddled with melancholy (I love this word), seem to have a way of drawing me in, and making me feel a little better when the shit hits the fan. However, the bit that stands out to me the most are the lyrics. They are not only true, but incredibly well written. They are not only witty, but memorable as well. I will just be chilling out with the Alt:Mag bros, 'broing down' and then suddenly I will hear a lyric in the back of my head such as "Are we ever going to get it right? Are we ever going to start making sense?" then I will probably spend the rest of the day trying to remember what band's lyric that is (Although I love music and remember most things about it, I still have a memory like a sieve) and then I'll be like, "well gee whiz Lewis, that's Motion City Soundtrack". Then a few days later another one of their lyrics will pop up in my head and so on and so fourth.

Got to love the Busta Rhymes reference in this one!

I have introduced a fair few people to Motion City Soundtrack and all the results have come back positive. Is it just because I only know people who like this type of music, or is this band just irresistible? I happened to see this band last year at Leeds Festival. They are a great live band too. It was a shame really, due to being the first band on and having big names like blink-182, Cypress Hill, Weezer and Paramore on later, there was barely anyone there to watch them. I guess it was okay, because I could enjoy their music happily without worrying about getting crushed by a massive crowd or losing my glasses. Funnily enough, I did lose my glasses later, during blink-182's encore before finding them again, still in one piece after being trampled by what could have been the whole of Leeds. But that is besides the point. It wasn't just me there though, as there were a few other big MCS fans there to back me up and we all sung along to 9 of our favourite songs.

One of Motion City Soundtrack's most addictive non-album songs.

Currently the band are performing concerts in the USA where they are performing all 4 of their album's on 4 separate nights in each city and they are currently in discussion about coming over to the UK, so perhaps I will be able to catch them when they come over here and rock out to a bit of Motion City Soundtrack.

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