Let's Talk About: Assassin's Creed Revelations

Your blade will deliver justice as you bring your enemies down one by one, Revenge is best served cold!

You are Ezio Auditore De Firenze and you are now embarking on a quest for answers as you leave your old life behind to seek out the Templars and bring an end to their plans for the world! Master the game with your powerful weapon skills and be swift at all times in order to be a True Assassin. I have been waiting for this game for a long time now, and now I am happy to be able to finish off Ezio's story and finish one my favourite gaming series and single player games ever. Ezio is now in Constantinople 1511AD and you are here to seek answers, secrets and deliver justice by any means necessary. This story however features a twist which is that you can switch between Altair (The Assassin in number 1) and Ezio (The Assassin in 2, 3 and now 4) because there appears to be a connection between the two that's intriguing all the Assassin's Creed fans! Explore everywhere by wall climbing, exploring the rooftops, strolling through the streets or discovering hidden locations. The new game features improved weaponry for all you lovers of the deadly ways of fighting whether you love the twin-hidden blades, swords, axes or a fist fight to leave your opponent wondering "how did he do that, and what.. Is he about to kill me with my own weapon?!?"


I recommend this game to all PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers, especially if you didn't know about the new release. If this is a first time for you, then I definitely recommend the other 3 games before playing this legendary long awaited game! Become the Legendary Assassin!

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