You like cars and gaming? Forza Motorsport 4

If you don't like either cars or gaming, still read on. If you like cars and gaming, then you have probably played the new Forza 4 Motorsport. Yes it has reached 4! This game was produced by Turn 10 Studios, a division of Microsoft Games, and was created in around 2 years after the release of it previous game, Forza 3.


Now, to the game. First race teaches you the controls. If you have played any other racing games you will already know the controls, but you are forced to do the race anyway. If you got the Wireless Wheel that most stores will try and get you to buy, you're fucked. You need to keep the wheel in the same position and upright or you can't turn.


After the troubles with the controls and everything, don't forget your first achievement! You get Jeremy Clarkson talking to you about each car you hover over or buy. The menu will appear after choosing your first car. Then Jeremy Clarkson will run you though the menu! Hurrah! You can race or do all the other crap on the menu like Autovista mode where you can do challenges like skittles and car bowling! And you get to see Jeremy Clarkson yet again!

This is not a racing game any more. It is Top Gear, the Game!
Best thing about the game is the Halo Warthog and one song on it from a DJ I know.

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