Music Spotlight: Marina & The Diamonds

Good Morrow to everybody. As it has been a while, it's about time for some new music.

Today's Plenty More Fish In The Sea is about half-Welsh, half-Greek pop singer Marina Diamandis, or as most of you may know her, Marina & The Diamonds. Okay, so Marina is old news. But word around town is that SUM OF U MOTHER FUCKERZ HAZ BEEN SLEEPIN'. Haha, just kidding. Well anyway, she is back, ready to release her new album, Electra Heart, next year, which will be the follow-up to 2010's 'The Family Jewels', which is one of my personal favourites. I love every track on that album, and no, it's not (just) because I think she's hot (male Paramore fans, look guilty now please). From the painfully addictive 'Girls', to the simply adorable 'I Am Not A Robot', and not to forget, 'Oh No!' and 'Hollywood', both with (kind-of) political messages.

Marina's singing voice is one of a kind. She can reach a lot of different notes naturally, and this technique is what makes 'I Am Not A Robot', and 'Hollywood' such a pleasure to listen to. Her voice is definitely unconventional in pop music, perhaps explaining why some of her singles have gone unheard of in the charts.

So Marina just released a new single titled 'Radioactive'. It's still all her, but the production of the song is much different. The song is not like her usual piano-driven songs and follows a much more dance/house vibe, with pulsing synths driving the main riff. A fantastic single for the summer that was perhaps released a month late (well, I guess we did have an Indian Summer in Britain, but you get what I mean).

So, it's a while until Electra Heart will be released. But I'm sure Marina will grace us with more fantastic singles in the meantime and then a fantastic album to top it all off. I know there is a chance she could get hit by the sophomore slump, but we trust her to do her thing!


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