YouTube Video Of The Week: "Oh My God"

A while ago, me, Haydn and Sam watched a film called 'Troll 2', cause we heard it was apparently the worst film ever made... and holy shit it was terrible. The acting was crap, the story was rubbish and the special effects were so bad they were hilarious. Also, the film has the word 'Troll' in the title, but not once in the film is there a troll or mention of one. The monsters (well, actually they are blatantly midgets in crappy costumes) are called 'Goblins' and they are controlled by vegetarian zombies. Oh dear.
This Tuesday's ridiculous video is of probably the only scene worth watching in the whole film. Well this, and the scene where the little kid gets his face groped by a hand. The acting in this scene, no matter how terrible it may be, is pure comedy gold to us, though it was meant to be taken seriously. Just to make you wet yourself that little bit more, we found a video with both the original and the same scene in Spanish. Laugh it up, Johnny.

The fly got the Oscar.

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