Let's Talk About: Evangelion


If you have never heard of the Evangelion series by Matthew Greenfield published in 1995, then stop whatever it is that you are doing and search for it on the internet pronto, because the long awaited re-release, 'Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone' is here to stay. Just in case you are wondering what it is then the wikipedia synopsis is better suited. But anyway, the story is about a boy who is living in a post apocalyptic world that is being attacked by giant Gundam looking things called Angels. At the time, the anime was considered to be an experimental work that would most likely fail, however it has mushroomed bigger than an atomic cloud after detonation into a new form. The new form consists of finer art, less episodes and most importantly of all, generally the same plot, which has so many twists and conspiracies, that it is on the same level of epicness as The Matrix, if not on a higher level. Also for those of you who are Sci-Fi fans not even watching the original star trek series could be better. I strongly recommend
the original and Evangelion: 1.0, as the re-watch value is top notch.

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