Let's Talk About: Kingdom Hearts

Hey guys, my name is Josh and this is my first post on the blog.

Distant Hearts, when rejoined as one ...
May find the light within.
Kingdom Hearts is a good gaming series for anyone who is a Final Fantasy and/or Disney fan or even likes them together. So far there are 6 games (but 5 of them have been re-made into a Final Mix with extra content only available in Japan). The gameplay is very easy to master and the story is very interesting, funny, mysterious, romantic and very very long, haha. My favourite game is either Kingdom Hearts II or Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep mostly due to the music, gameplay and not to mention, the story. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days or Birth By Sleep are probably the saddest games due to the story and secrets that are revealed. But if you have played them or know what I mean then you may agree with me when I say that the burden on Sora is very big indeed. However, I must admit the first Kingdom Hearts had a great beginning to the story, but the gameplay was a bit lagging and the controls were definitely not as good as II. Now I am currently and endlessly waiting for the 5th game Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, this one will put Sora and Riku to the test ... to become Keyblade Masters! Set to come out next year in 2012! :(

Here are the trailers to Kingdom Hearts I and II:

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