Hack Attack: Pokémon Brown

Hello, Lewis here, again. In the first issue of Alt:Mag, I will be discussing some Pokémon ROM hacks (If you are not quite sure what a ROM hack is, Wikipedia is your friend). Anyhoo, in the article I decided to pick three of the coolest, and three of the lamest. Unfortunately, after decisions had been made, lemonade was drank and procrastinations had been procrastinated, the classic hack, Pokémon Brown didn't make the final three. However this doesn't mean I've forgotten about this fantastic hack, as we have just given it it's own blog post.

Pokémon Brown was created by hacking genius, Koolboyman, who has since been responsible for other fantastic hacks such as rijonAdventures and Prism. On January 16th, 2004, Brown was released to the public. The hack takes place in the Rijon region and contains second and fourth generation Pokémon, which is incredibly impressive, considering Brown was hacked from such an old Pokémon game. Also, it is the first Pokémon game where you get to battle a group of psychotic Power Rangers.

Recently I have had the pleasure of getting into this hack. Because I am an incredibly cool dude I have figured out how to play it on my Android phone, so I play it when I am not busy with college work or creating shit. It is a great hack if you really want another game similar to Red, Blue or Yellow. There are also some funny dialogues from NPC's as well, which is a good bonus. Koolboyman has a pretty good sense of humour.

If you want to have a go at playing this, click here.
For more information and extra stuff, click here.

If you want to see the finished article mentioned above, stay tuned for issue 1 of Alt:Mag!!!

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