Excel Saga... Now That's Crazy!

Wazz up guys? Here's some food for thought, what happens when you mash up a clown and Arnold Schwarzenegger together in a blender? You'll probably get something like a demented looking clown from Austria. This is exactly what happened when they created Excel Saga, because they combined the stupidity of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo with occasional seriousness. It's hard to tell if there is a plot or not to go along with the endless amount of one-liner gags (one of Japan's favourite styles of comedy) that each character brings in to the series. Despite the stupid antics and random jokes, Excel Saga is rather funny, although the humour can be quite hard to follow sometimes, especially for Westerners. I wouldn't say it has any re-watch value as such, as I can't understand half of what is actually being said half of the time. But my favourite moments are as follows:

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