That's Life: Being a nerd feels good, man.

Hello, it's Lewis. Haydn and Sam are at University so I am assuming they won't post anything on here anymore. But I have been considering recruiting some more team members to help me out with the blog, so it's not just a one man job. Anyway, we've got a little bit of a therapy session going on today. We don't want to go all 'qq' on you, but we gotta say this at least once.

Here at Alt:Mag we are proud to admit that we are nerds, geeks, losers or whatever you want to call us, if that is what being interested in the things we love makes us.
No we're not just a bunch of tumblr kids who are all like "FUCK EVERYBODY I DON'T CARE WHAT EVERYBODY THINKS, I AM INDIVIDUAL", because we do care what people think of us. If we didn't, we would be incredibly rude and wouldn't get on with anybody. But we still shouldn't change ourselves to suit others. When you meet a new group of people or even a girl that you like, don't be afraid to suppress your interests in certain things. If they dislike you or take the piss out of you for it, find someone else who won't. A friend or girlfriend should accept you for who you are, no matter how weird they find your interests. I tried to make friends with a group of people and I used to pretend I didn't like things such as anime, because I knew I'd get ridiculed for it, as many ignorant people seem to think that all anime obviously must be sexual or pornographic. But after a while it kind of started to suck, to be frank, I was bored of not being myself. I
have never been the 'popular' person at all in my life, and that really bothered me at one point, but after a while I kind of figured out that I am fine with not fitting in, because my interests and my friends make me happy. So now when I hang out with two of my best friends who love what I love, I feel great, because I can just be myself.
This is what we do at Alt:Mag. We write articles about 'nerdy' stuff that you don't get in all the generic 'lad's magazines' because it's what we love... and god damn, we're proud to admit it.

Anyway, that's my life story. Let's have Lil B liven you up a bit.

Such deep and meaningful lyrics.

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