Haydn's Hot Singles

It's Haydn here again. These are my top 5 singles for the week.


Low - Try to sleep: Class song from an absolutely sublime and creatively inspiring record. Plays like a lullaby.

Scout Niblett - Wet Road: As far as simple yet affective goes, Wet Road is probably has one of the simplest chord structures you will ever hear, but it does show gut wrenching song writing at it's best.

Spiriualized - You Lie You Cheat: A swirling wall of noise. Classic song from a classic album writen after J Spacemen woke up from a coma. Inspiring suff.

The GO! Team - The Running Range: The GO! Team released a new album this year. All is good with the world.

Babybird - Like them: Good to see that this band are still making classic indie songs, what a tune.

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